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Meet Bertha.

Queen of the Seven Seas.

Luxury Coffee for Everyone

We want the flavour to linger in your mouth and want you to want more.

Designing the flavour means designing experience and designing expectations. Cafe Design Consulting - We guide café’s into their design, in their space, in their budget. Locally Roasted & Locally Sourced – We know “Local is Lekker” because freshly roasted coffee always tastes better than imported. Proudly Local on a Global Scale.

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Meet Bertha

A well designed roast profile creates the flavours which are essential in a great coffee. There are five taste sensations in every mouth: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, Acidity, and Umami.

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Meet The Team

Tribe coffee started as a single endeavour to create fantastic coffee for everyone and has grown into a Tribe of Trailblazing coffee professionals who create magic with every cup.

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Our Coffees

We focus on establishing the sweetest flavours from every bean with a perfect balance between rich mouthfeel, mouth watering acidity and luscious sweetness.

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Visit Our Café

Our Café is the latest of our grande endeavours, and it truly is something to experience. From coffee, to the roastery, to art and furniture, it's a must see!

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