What's in a degree?

The 2014 Holidays are coming.

Well not coming, the reality is that they're here and for the entirety of next six weeks Cape Town becomes the focal point for fun from around the world.

That being said, I'll use this spot for a touch of crass commercialism and absolute coffee idolatry. 

Let me be the first to say that I love our La Marzocco 3 group espresso machine and the fact that each grouphead has got variable heat settings that I have manipulated to extract our Special Blend at 88.9C.

Some of the various pundits for temperature control and extraction claim this manipulation is a myth and that .5C does not affect change as greatly as is claimed.  Thankfully in the world of coffee we say, “Prove It”.  The proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes, and in this case come in and taste the magic.

Thankfully in the world of coffee we say, “Prove It”.
— Jake Easton

By magic what I infer is that each extraction is sweet and smooth without losing any of the required acidity or the balance on the tongue.  If you're not a fan of espresso try the Cortado and prepare your mind for a twin-lane blowing.

If that's still too much espresso for you try the single Macchiatto...still not enough milk you have to try a single Cortado.  Truly the variation on flavour is mind expanding.  If you must insist on milk try the Flat White but whatever you do if you must have more milk...try the Latte.  If however you're still in the throes of last nights magical mystery madness you must forego the above listed drinks and espressos and taste the Babalas Buster...yes you will grow hair in places wax usually is required (e.g., face, chest, etc.,).