Meet Ken


Meet Ken, our most fabu-lista barista.

Ken is our coffee guru at the Woodstock Foundry Cafe and plays a big part of maintaining consistency for every single one of you out there... 

Ken's "Freak-you-out-of-your-mind" cup of coffee is his 3/4 Cortado; however, his Cortado is fantastic and, his single macchiato is out of this world.

I dare you to find better...

Not only is Ken our go to guy for morning-delight Cortados but he's also our on-call in house Barista Trainer.  Kind-of...he's a bit more than just that...Ken likes to play pool, he almost beat Jake once, and in these pool halls he meets all kinds of people...some of whom want to be Baristas.  So he invites them in...he assess them and then gives a small amount of training.  We as a team re-assess them and if they're willing they get a pass into our Barista program.  Then, if they make it, we place them around the Western Cape.

Humble Barista Champ, resourceful cafe manager, driven by excellence, happy orphan in a foreign world, oh and did we say he beat all of us at the game "Crimes Against Humanity".  I don't know what that says about him or us... 

The magical Ken-Ken is more than just important... Check out the 2015 Autumn edition of the The Coffee Mag to read more about Cape Towns finest.  

“To make a good coffee takes some talent and a lot of skill.  With espresso every shot, tamp, grind and dose matters. Mostly you have t use fresh coffee within the 7-14 day premium period and with espresso you really have to be consistent with dosing and tamping”
- Ken