Aroma and Taste

Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk about Aroma and Taste. Lately there's been a lot of talk about an international brand brining their coffee into South Africa. As a professional coffee taster, roaster and barista I can give my unequivocal and uncensored take on the coffee which comes from this international brand, it smells burnt and tastes sour and bitter.

That being said, what am I talking about...taste and aroma (see above with the CAPS on the first letter).

Taste can be broken down into 6 parts. Only six parts, nothing more at all. The layout of your tongue is as follows:

The Tounge

Sweet = Tip (i.e., the tip of your tongue about 1.5cm wide and 1cm deep)

Salty = Mid­Crease (i.e., about 2.5cm back from the tip in a line)

Sour = Inner Back Left & Right (i.e., think two balls on the top of the tongue near the back)

Bitter = Back of the tongue in the middle in the throat

Acidity = Sides of the mouth which makes your mouth water

Umami = Mouthfeel (i.e., all over mouth coating)

As you can see above no where does this mention “creamy luxuriant caramel tastes”.

What this means is that you/me/we can taste levels of each of the above in varying degrees (another blog entirely) but in order to assess a flavour you must smell it to obtain its Aroma Profile.

Coffee has over 1000 aromaticategorizations (categorizations of aromatic elements found in anything...yes this is a new word designed for highly aromatic compounds). The most aromatic wines have only 300. Whiskey is about as full as coffee with around 900. Chocolate may have more but it is as yet unknown (this may possibly be an exaggeration by the writer of this blog, but go check).

In coffee we use aroma wheels, in wine, whiskey and even marijuana.


Aroma Wheel


This month end on the 25th we are offering another coffee Cupping session for you to learn about your nose and what the heck is happening when you smell anything!

Contact for more info on the cuppings. 

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- Jake