Collaboration and our NEW liquor license!


This is a great word, collaboration, the Oxford English dictionary defines it as a noun of action meaning, “united labour, co-operation; esp. in literary, artistic, or scientific work”. We are lucky. We collaborate with the coolest Gin makers in Cape Town, Hope on Hopkins London Dry Gin.


Hope on Hopkins is one of TWO gin makers in South Africa. “Wait, wait, wait”, you say, thinking of at least three other Gin distillers in South Africa, but per the rules of the game there are only TWO. The TWO only Gin Distillers are: Jorgensen's Distillery & Hope on Hopkins Distillery. This means they produce their base distilled material, infuse, blend and bottle right here in the western cape. And, in the case of Hope on Hopkins they make their Gin about six or seven blocks from Tribe Woodstock.


Ex-lawyers and partners Lucy Beard and Leigh Lisk toil and play to bring you “grain to glass” spirits packed full of new flavours and an interesting range of botanicals, made by using the age old process of batch distillation with their two faithful stills – Mildred and Maude.

Let me allow them to speak in their own words, “Hope on Hopkins Distillery is a small artisanal distillery in the heart of Cape Town that prides itself on truly crafting its own spirits. Unlike many gin distillers we don’t buy in the base spirit to flavour, but prefer to make it ourselves, so that you know where it (and our carefully sourced quality ingredients) comes from. Using South African grown malted barley, we cook, ferment over several days and then triple distil to make our base neutral spirit...”.


So make a turn past our Woodstock Foundry site and enjoy our collaboration between Hope on Hopkins and our classic dry tonic with lime or a sprig of Rosemary.


Love in a glass...