Tribe Espresso Blend

This coffee is the creative fusion of up to 9 different coffees from around the world.  From Indonesia, to Africa, to Latin America, and back; Tribe Espresso Blend will capture your senses with aromas of truffles, chocolate red cherries, cinnamon and hazelnuts.  It’s sweetness and full-bodied mouth-feel lingers for what seems like days on your palete.

Tribe Filter Blend

Mornings should always be eased into, unless of course you’re late.  In both cases Tribe’s filter coffee takes notes from the espresso blend and zests it up by adding more central American flare to its daytime communication.  This coffee blend was designed to inspire.

MOUTHFEEL:  Full bodied
ON THE NOSE: Chocolate, cinnamon, spices, mulled wine.
TASTE:  Spices overwhelm the palate with savory blends reminiscent of the voyage to the Far East.

Special Blend

This coffee started as a love letter to remind a special person of South Africa and its amazing people and places.  Then it was lost for a year … so too was the love … recently we rediscovered this blend when the lovers reunited.

MOUTHFEEL:  Full bodied
ON THE NOSE: Chocolate, honeysuckle, red cherries and a hint of yesterday’s sunshine.
TASTE:  Sweet and complex with long lingering flavours.

It's a House Blend

This blend was made for a client in Johannesburg.  He insisted that we add Robusta, so against our judgement and our advice we did what was asked.  And wow,  it’s a subtle reminder that we can always learn more.

MOUTHFEEL:  Full bodied but surprisingly with medium mouthfeel
ON THE NOSE: Hazelnut, berries and milk chocolate
TASTE:  The delicate flavours and medium acidity rushes the flavours around your mouth then vanish sweetly.

Malawi Gold

When one thinks of Malawi, it’s usually her amazing fauna, flora and people, but prepare to be wowed.  Malawi Gold is a huge favorite amongst those in ‘the know’.  This coffee continues to impress judges and coffee professionals worldwide.

MOUTHFEEL:  Medium bodied
ON THE NOSE: Truffels, candy-floss (cotton candy for those of you far away), chocolate and sweet peaches.
TASTE:  Smooth, rich, oily sweetness and a light acidity that clears the tongue.

Guatemala Chocolate Block

Coffee from Guatemala and El Salvador share a unique characteristic when roasted properly … chocolate.  This truth about our Guatemalan chocolate block can be appreciated in every cup you brew, in every bean you crack open and in every sip you take.  Taste the Chocolate Block.

MOUTHFEEL:  Full bodied
ON THE NOSE: Chocolate
TASTE:  Chocolate


A rich red roast, full bodied, intense coffee with red wine acidity and a complex aroma.

MOUTHFEEL:  Light Acidity and full bodied
ON THE NOSE: Cinnamon, orange peel and red wine
TASTE:  Well balanced sweetness with toasted nuts.

Tribe Organic Decaf

Who says decaf has to taste anything other than amazing?  Our single origin, decaf coffees all come from organically certified farms from around the world:  Columbia, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Nicaragua among others.  All of these sites of origin offer decaf coffees of unmatched excellence.

MOUTHFEEL:  All are medium bodied coffees.
ON THE NOSE: Sweet candied fruit, bright apple blossoms and roasted spices & nuts.
TASTE:  Sweet, with a mild acidity that gives a long juicy mouth-feel.