Tribe has been creating sophisticated roasting profiles for over 4 years and supplies some of South Africa's top cafés, restaurants, hotels and hospitality companies with luxury coffee at accessible prices.

The raw green beans are the heart of our success. The beans we use for our blends are unique single origin coffee’s from all over the world. Our Espresso blend has as many as nine different components that come together to destabilize your palate with aromas and flavours as diverse as: chocolate, truffle oil, hazelnuts, cinnamon, roasted chestnuts and candied red cherries.

Our taste buds are all the same. Not a “some pigs are better” Orwellian dystopia, but parity. Taste, in a coffee, is the equaliser. Defining Aroma in the world of coffee is like asking a student from Michaelis Art School to explain why a severed cow ear and a four meter fuchsia papier-mâché flower are representative of a waste management system in Dubai. It’s impossible. Aroma is abstract…but not that abstract.
— Jake Easton, Tribe co-founder


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